Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Tragic Loss

I got into a little skirmish with a shower curtain and the shower curtain won. And it took the tip of my thumbnail with it!

This is a new polish that I found reduced in Tesco from the Barbara Daly Make-Up range. I haven't captured it very well in the photo, but it's a gorgeous, deep royal purple.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM16
Base Colour: Barbara Daly - Purplicious
Stamp Colour: Miss Sporty - Zodiac
Gold Bullion from Viva La Nails
Top Coat of NYC


  1. Very pretty colours, both the base and the stamp :)

  2. This is great! Sorry about your thumbnail.

  3. oooh I love this! I love the colors together and I love this stamp. Its one of my faves. The addition of the little beads made it so much cuter!

  4. Nasty shower curtain!

    I love the silvery shade of your stamp polish. The one from Konad is not so opaque. :(

  5. Pretty! I love that colour and your stamping is fab :) xo

  6. Lame about the shower curtian being so jealous of your nails it had to break your thumb nail... but kudos on the mani. Love these colors!

    I soo need a list of regular nail polish that work for stamping.

  7. Beautiful that design.

    Boo about the shower curtain :(

  8. I love this design! I saw some reduced price polishes in Tesco too. Should of bought some now! xx

  9. Trincess and Cel - Thank you!

    Karen - Thanks for the sympathy :D

    Cristina - thanks very much :) I love those beads but they are a bit of a nightmare to use!

    rins - It was a horrible thing! Thanks, it's a silvery metallic pink in real life but often looks plain silver in pictures.

    Thanks Marina!

    Mistress Zombie - I know, the silly thing. Thanks! That's a good idea, I might make a list of the polishes I know that are good for stamping :)

    Dionela - Thank you. I agree, Boo two!

    Olivia - Thanks. I always get really excited when I see a basket of reduced cosmetics at Tesco!



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