Sunday, 26 September 2010

This month's E.L.F Haul

I put in this order in the middle of the night on Wednesday and it came on Friday morning - amaaazing!

I ordered:
High Definition Powder
Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Brightening Eye Colour in Drama 
Nail Polishes (see below)

Left to Right
Matte Finisher
Purple Pleaser
Royal Purple

I spent ages searching for a matte top coat and in the end, ended up doing a swap with Emily from Canada to get my bottle of Essie Matte About You and now there is one available in my country for just £1.50 so I bought it to see how it compares to the Essie.

You may remember that last time I bought E.L.F nail polishes I was really disappointed to find that the colours that arrived in the bottles looked completely different to how I saw them on my monitor.You can see the post here. This time I wasn't disappointed at all because I searched for swatches before I decided which colours to buy rather than going by the pictures on the website.

If anyone would like it, I will do another post similar to last time comparing the colours I've got to the pictures on the website, just let me know. And expect swatches of these babies this week as I'd like to contribute something for other people to refer to before buying these polishes online since others' swatches were so helpful to me.


  1. I have innocent and I love it! Its the perfect nude in two coats :) xo

  2. definitely want to hear your opinion on the matte topcoat. I love Essie matte about you, just not the price! If ELF is good I'll definitely have to switch over.

  3. :) nice haul! I wanted to buy something by Elf but I read so many different toughts about it so I'm not sure...

  4. I must admit I wasn`t 100% happy with the polish colors I had ordered as well! incl the Mod Mauve...I`m not even sure I`m gonna try it out :S I`m am very happy with the brushes and brush shampoo( shampoo is really really good! ) I got from ELF as well as the eye liners and liquid eye shadow :)I would buy those again.

  5. Lovely colours!I can't wait for the swatches!

  6. I was looking at buying the matte top coat. I really want one after seeing you use them! Could you do a review on it, so I know if it's good or not please :) x

  7. Thanks PaO*

    Marina, I love it too. It is such a great nude.

    Beata - I will definitely talk about it some time soon.

    Alice. Thanks. I think it's a great brand. The products are great, it's just hard to pick colours because they don't always show up accurately on our monitors. But I would definitely recommend it. The service is great andthe prices are unbeatable :D

    Martje - I was SO disappointed in the Mod Mauve, I haven't tried it out yet either. Yeah, I hear their brushes are really good. I haven't tried brush shampoo before, it sounds interesting! Since using the eyeshadow I would definitely buy that again and I have other great products from them too.

    Thank you Ria and Shaimaa.

    Olivia - great! I will definitely review it yes :D



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