Thursday, 9 September 2010

More Stickers

Here are some more nail stickers from Viva La Nails over Barry M Raspberry. There is a random sequin on my index finger there! It must have got stuck to my nails when I was rummaging round in my supplies.

These stickers look amazing and I gave them a fairly good review a few weeks ago but I think I've changed my mind after wearing them.
With these particular stickers, the silver wore off to reveal black underneath after just a few hours.
They are also a nightmare to remove. They won't come off in one piece once you've applied a top coat so you have to literally scratch them off in little pieces.
I'll be sticking to water decals in the future which remove easily with a bit of Nail Varnish Remover.



  1. The stickers are cute but it sucks that the silver wears off that quickly.

  2. Sorry to hear the stickers didn't work well, this mani looks amazing!

  3. water decals are better than stickers honey, but this one is a great combo.. :)

  4. I agree with you on the stickers, I've been using the same ones and get so frustrated with scratching little shreds of stickers of my fingers :(

  5. This is a gorg mani, it sucks it didnt last long. I like the water decals better too because they dont look "stuck on".

  6. I also wanted to let you know I tagged you for an award here: :D

  7. Hi, Sammy! I tagged you with a blog award here:

  8. Very, very pretty girl! This one rocks!

  9. Michelle. Thanks, but it does indeed :(

    BudgetBeautyGoddess - thanks very much!

    Emy - I agree. I much preferred the decals. I'm not sure I will use stickers again.

    girlwithabow - Yeah, it's so annoying scratching them off cuz I just feel like I'm really damaging my nails too :( Thank you very much for the award!!

    Cristina - thanks. Yeah that's also true. They almost look painted on!

    rins - Thank you very much!! I love awards!

    Kitty - Thanks!!



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