Sunday, 5 September 2010

Marbling Fail

I have been meaning to try marbling for ages and was reminded by Marina a few days ago. My first attempt didn't go very well. I ended up with lumps and bumps everywhere and more of a clumping than marbling effect. I think it's because I dunked my fingers in, then pulled them back out without remving the excess which then also stuck to my nail.

I used:
L'Oreal LacquiResist - Bebe Blue
and two old Collection 2000 polishes in a red and pink colour.
then a top coat of NYC

Before clean-up:

After clean-up:

As you can see, there's much room for improvement so any advice is welcomed!



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  2. you should have used some gutter to protect the portion near the nails and you didn't have so much to clean up
    my advice is to try and try and try again. i remember that my first marble didn't work aswell
    you need more exercise to get a beautiful marble manicure

  3. I think your nails still came out cute. Look on Youtube for the tutorial by luxuriousnails. She gives lots of great tips.

  4. when I did this for the first time, it was even worse! can you believe that? haha!

  5. WM is something that I love, I tried 3 times but without great results.
    Here are some tips that I collected:
    1-use water from bottles
    2-water should be room temperature
    3-wrap yuor finger with adhesive tape
    4-one your finger is inside the water, clean the surface of the water by every single amount of polish or it will be a mess

    Your nails turned out cute, anyway <3

  6. Try using a thin nail polish as i've found my thick ones go a bit wrong :)

  7. I still think it looks really good!

  8. Some polishes are too thick for water marbeling, keep trying different polishes, I think they bturned out really cute!

  9. I haven't tried marbling yet but it's always been on my list. They make it look so easy in the tutorials!

  10. Thanks for all the advise guys!

    maRyya - thanks. I'll try that next time and get practising :D

    BudgetBeautyGoddess - thank you :D I've had a look at her video and it was definitely a lot of help!

    Lois - oh no :( have you been practising since then?

    Thank you Alice! Those tips are great. I'll try them next time.

    vegesaurus - that's a good tip, maybe the blue was a bit thick.

    Thanks Freshie :)

    Jackie - Thank-you. Seems everyone is advising thin polishes. I'll definitely remember that :)

    kittypolishnbags - Yeah, I've been meaning to do it since before I started this blog but it always seemed too much hassle. And you're right - it always looks so easy in the videos!


  11. Colette over at is the QUEEN of marbling. She has loads and loads of tutorials. I learned a great tip from her to save on clean up - wrap your fingers in tape before you marble, and then you have way less to clean! I'm pretty sure she also has a tutorial on how she wraps with tape, so check it out! :) I've learned that with marbling, it's a lot of trial and error. Good luck!

  12. I think it looks great :) I heard that you should use vaseline around the sides of your nails instead of tape as you then just wipe off any excess polish :) I will try it myself eventually! xo

  13. dr4g0nfly - wow, her marble NOTD's are amazing! Got it - tape!

    Thanks Marina, I was wondering if vaseline would work because they also tell you to use it around your hairline when dying your hair so I always think of it as a bit of a cosmetics repellent!


  14. I want to try this myself but it looks complicated! x

  15. I haven't tried marbling yet. I'm afraid of the mess. I think your first try is good. I think any oil based substance can be used instead of wrapping your fingers with tape. I'll try this soon! :)

  16. I'm just now starting to get a *little* bit better with water marbling, and I've probably tried it a hundred times! I think yours looks pretty good. I'd love to see more after you've had a chance to see some of the great tutorials other commenters posted.


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