Saturday, 11 September 2010

Flower Power

You may notice that my post is a little later than normal today. I spent most of my day at the house I am renting this year and shopping for decor to go inside it!
I was a bit disappointed when I first moved my stuff in as it hadn't been cleaned properly and had a miserable feel to it, I think because it was empty and really seemed hollow. But now that me and the other girls are filling it with stuff and making it a bit more homely, I think it looks and feels much nicer. 

I also received some great news last night. I passed the exam I had to resit last month so I get to progress to the next year of my course! Phew! I'm sooo happy now!

Konad Plate: M64
Base Colour: La Femme - Mint Cream
Konad Colour: NYC Nail Glossies - 243B
For the flowers: BYS - Astro Gold
Top Coat of Essie Matte About You


  1. I like this ALOT! Reminds me of 70s apholstry

  2. Congrats on the exam result and another gorgeous manicure :)

  3. Oh so pretty, i like this alot. I just purchased this plate about a week ago and haven't tried this image yet. Congrats on the exam pass.

  4. Nice, nice, nice!!! I love this design.

  5. CONGRATS!!! Your mani is really great again - you are a konad expert :)


    I love this design, anything 60's inspired gets my attention. =)

  7. Mistress Zombie - Thanks, I see what you mean!

    Thanks very much, Marina and peripatetic33!

    alikat. Thanks very much!! I love this plate, definitely one of my favourites.

    Thanks Veve, Mocha Mish Mash, Chantelle, Emy and Serena!!


  8. I love it!

    I'm your new followers.


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