Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Daisy Doo

Sorry for the bad pictures recently. Everyday gets shorter and more dreary so it's hard to get any good sun light for taking pictures. For this picture I resorted to using the light from my phone's camera since all of the lightbulbs in my house give photos taken under them an orange tinge.

A comment from Mistress Zombie a few days ago has given me the idea to compile a list of regular polishes I use for stamping. Hopefully it might come in useful for you guys that are into stamping without using the expensive polishes.
I actually don't own, nor ever have owned, any Konad special polishes myself and do all my stamping with regular polishes that I've found through trial, error and good guesswork. I'm aiming to get the list up some time soon - I just need some good lighting to get decent pictures of the bottles... how annoying.

Konad Plate: M3
Base Colour: BYS - Tickle Me Pink
Konad Colour: Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds - Atomic Red
BYS Flirty Sparkle for the dots applied with a brush


  1. That would be really helpful to list the polishes you use. The ones I've tried are rubbish! Nails are looking lovely as always! xx

  2. OMG SOOOO Cute! And the list is an excellent idea :)!

  3. I would love it if you shared your list. I never use the special polishes either as I think regular polishes work just fine too (at least some of them do).
    I like this manicure, it's so cute :)

  4. I've had days where I can't take pics cause of the lighting. I dread winter. :(

  5. This is a great idea!! thanks Sammy for making the list :) <3


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