3rd Marbling Attempt = WIN

After my disastrous first attempt and all of your amazing advice, I tried marbling again!
My second attempt went a bit better but was still not up to scratch and I managed to ruin it soon after by bumping and scratching it before it was dry. I think I put too many layers of polish on underneath. This was before clean-up – I didn’t even keep it on long enough to get a proper picture.
The marbling isn’t too bad but I don’t like the colours very much.

My 3rd attempt went much better – I used thinner polishes as you all suggested and I’m pretty pleased with the result.
I used 2 coats of BYS Lilac Bliss as a base and wrapped my fingers in sellotape…
For the marbling I used purple, pink and glittery bronze. Then cleaned them up nicely…
 I think I just need to work on getting more of a pattern on my nails rather than a few random swirls.
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