New Base Coat (and Naked Nails)

Sorry there haven’t been many Konadicures lately. Hopefully I’m keeping you all entertained with all the other stuff!
I bought a new base coat a few days ago from TJ Hughes. It’s Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, probably from a few seasons ago, but it was just £2.99.
I normally wouldn’t pay that much, but my nails are in great need of some strengthening! I’ve been growing them for a while and most of them are going strong but I have a lot of trouble with peeling on my thumbs and index fingers 🙁 so hopefully this will help me get them all to the same length.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Coincidentally, within an hour of buying this, my middle nail broke in the corner and I couldn’t resist pulling it off so I now have a bit of an odd looking nail there. I’ve filed the corner rather than the whole nail and will just file out the missing corner as the nail grows.
Here are my naked nails. I kind of gave up on trying to whiten them, but the NYC Base Coat I was using before I bought this one seemed to be doing a very good job at protecting them from further yellowing.