Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My Viva La Nails Package... Have you got yours?

In case any of you nail bloggers haven't heard about the amazing offer at Viva La Nails, you can get a free sample pack of their products worth £20 provided that you review the products on your site. Just click here.

I ordered mine on Friday 13th and it arrived the next Saturday, since it was posted from Latvia. I had to pay £2.95 shipping so I added a Fimo cane to my order too.

Here is the stuff that was in my sample pack

From what I can tell, since there are no clues on the packaging, 3 of the sticker packs (back) are stickers and the other 3 are water decals.
At the front is a selection of 10 packs of sequins, gems and other cool stuff to stick on your nails. There are some close ups just below.

The Fimo stick is fun! I've seen these before but was always a bit unsure about them because they look really tricky.
I didn't buy the special cutting blade because I figured a craft or stanley knife would work fine, which it did. I actually picked up a two pack of stanley knives with spare blades for £1 in a 'What! Shop' just for this purpose and they're more than sharp enough. 

I was a bit shocked when I saw how small the stick was! I don't know what I was expecting but it looked so teeny! 
I've cut almost a half of the stick into slices of varying thickness. I was trying to get them as thin as possible but it's a fiddly job. You can see below the bits of waste I got from some bad cuts, but the it's minimal compared to the amount of resulting good slices I got.
I actually found it pretty fun and kind of calming to just sit there and slice this little stick as small as I could, haha. Is that weird?!

The only thing I found disappointing about the company was that they printed my phone number on to the front of the package under my address. Surely that's against the Data Protection Act? So if you don't want everyone from Latvia to your house seeing your personal phone number, don't give it. I normally wouldn't but this time I did for some reason :s

If you are interested in any of these products, keep reading for reviews and if you have your own sample package, please link me to some of your own reviews so I can see the other products the site has to offer. I'm really looking forward to trying the water decals. Hopefully they won't be too tricky!



  1. Hey, i got my sample package aswell. Yours are great! Enjoy with them (:

  2. Yo tambien pedi esas muestras, estan genial!! Han sido muy generosos verdad?? Hecha un vistazo a las mias si quieres ^^


  3. I was going to get one but I seen it was just stuff that I already have (gemstones) and the other stuff in it didn't look all that special.

    I cant wait yo see your NOTD with the fimo cane :)


  4. I got one too, got slightly different things though :)

  5. I need to get one of those knives to cut up my fimo canes! I look forward to your reviews! x

  6. The fimo butterfly is really cute.
    I´m on the waiting list now, but I don´t know whether they are going to send me a package because I don´t have many readers. ( Yet ;) )

  7. I ordered mine forever ago and still don't have it. I'm in the U.S. and it said no more than 10 days so I'm hoping today is the day!

  8. Emy - cool! I will do, I already have lots of ideas!

    PaO* - Sí, es una gran oferta! Me encanta la pluma roja que tienes. Espero que el español está bien. Usé traductor Google!!

    Marina - I suppose I have plenty of gems and sequins too but it's free stuff and I'm not one to pass up free goodies, haha!

    Behtanie - cool, have you used any of it yet?

    Olivia - I saw a pink one in Tesco for 50p :D Unfortunately after I'd already bought some so I had to resist it!

    Binara - I must have ordered just in time then! I hope you get yours soon.

    Tassa - me too! It was definitely the best cane there ;)

    Freshie - Oh no - I hope it comes today!


  9. Those are just too cute! I'm looking forward to your next manis!

  10. It's not strange at all. It's mindfulness! :p It does looks kind of fun! :)


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