Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mood Swings - Some Strange Goings On

When I first got these mood Polishes in my swap with Emily, I posted a quick swatch of them. Click here to see it. At that time, they weren't changing with temperature, but when I tried them on after a few days, the difference between hot and cold was obvious. It's very strange, but it's like they were broken and now they're fixed!

This is Flirty/Shy. The lighter blue on the nail is warm and the dark colour towards the tips is cold. I used a butterfly from my Fimo cane and some sequins on my ring finger, both from Viva La Nails.



  1. your nails are adorable, so cute. and I love the tiny details you put in =) you're one of my fave bloggers ever =D

  2. So pretty :) I got some fimo cane slices and cant wait to try them out. xo

  3. i love the details on the accent finger :D

  4. This color looks really lovely. Is it matte?

  5. I love the little butterfly! It makes the mani. I really like how simple this is with the striking color. :)

  6. I love the butterfly! Gorgeous and simple!

  7. Trincess - Wow, thank you very much! I do try :D

    Marina - Thanks. The fimo is great, much better than I was expecting.

    amusedPolish - Thank you!

    rins - Thanks. Yeah both of the mood polishes I've got go on matte.

    Let the have Polish - Thanks! I love simple looks too :)

    kittypolishnbags - Thanks very much (:



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