Friday, 20 August 2010

A Matte I Don't Like (and new BYS's ♥)

What do you think of this colour mattified? I'm not a fan myself, even though this is my absolute favourite colour!

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM11
Base Colour: Glo Baby Glo from Primark - Yes Cyan!
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - Amber
Top Coat of Essie Matte About You

My New BYS's

In case you didn't know, BYS is my favourite brand for Nail Polish. It's Australian, but a store called QS (I think the name's changing to Store Twenty One) stocks the range here in the UK.
I got these two today along with a bottle of Astro Gold for my Mum. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Tinkerbell, which I really wanted to add to my next giveaway, but I did get a polish to join the giveaway goodies I'm stashing.

La Di Da is more purple than it looks in the photo, kind of a dusty purple on the nail.
Fools Paradise is exactly the Turquoise I've been looking for. Slightly more green than blue.


  1. ohh those BYS polishes look pretty !

  2. great mani!
    and thanks for following me :)

  3. I rather like it :) Your new polishes look lovely......cant wait to see what you do with them


  4. omgosh i always love your color combos! this is so pretty!!i think it works either way matte or shiny.. shiny u may not see the gold details as much.. but so nice

  5. It looks cute! I am not a matte person myself (I only own some matte shades and apply top coat to bring out the shimmer/shine) but this one's so cute!!!

  6. Thanks Eva.

    Thank you Lois, and no problem.

    Marina, thanks. And it shouldn't be long until we see them again :D

    Pretty, Thanks! I've used the two together here. You can see what it would look like glossy.

    kittypolishnbags - that's a funny way to do things, haha. Thank you!



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