Thursday, 19 August 2010

Brown Comparison - E.L.F Smoky Brown vs. Barry M Mushroom

When I got home with my haul a few days ago which included Barry M Mushroom, I realised that it's really similar to E.L.F. Smoky Brown Which I already have! Darn it, I could have bought Blueberry Ice Cream which I've been drooling over for aaages!

So here is my first comparison post! There's not much to compare though, since the two are practically exactly the same, the Barry M is just slightly more creamy coloured.

They are great dupes for each other so if you are looking for a shade like this, I suppose it just depends which brand you prefer.

I personally prefer the E.L.F because the brush is wider and flatter, making application easier in my opinion. But if you like your brushes round and slim, go for the Barry M.



  1. I own the Barry M and it starts to thicken a little (like all the Barry M's I own) but the colour is very nice. :-)

  2. Close but not exact. Booo, could've had Blueberry Ice Cream instead! Well, at least now you (and the whole world) knows. Think of it this way, you did us a service so we won't go and get both. ;)

  3. To me they are the exact same but my eyesight isn't too hot which could be why :P

  4. Oh and your new post is showing in my feed but isnt there.....blogger playing up again!

  5. Michelle - cool. Shame about the thickening. I've never had that with Barry M's but I haven't had any of mine for too long.

    kittypolishnbags - I will think of it that way :D and I can get the Blueberry some other time i suppose!

    Marina - They only look really slightly different on mine, I guess it varies with ones monitor.
    And no, not blogger, that was my bad :s - I pressed Publish instead of Preview - it's late, haha!



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