Best Haul I Ever Did Have (Warning: Long Post!)

Hey everyone. Sorry I’ve been a bit vacant and aloof the last week. I had to resit one of my examinations today because I only got 34% in the topic when I took it in January. I don’t think it went very well but life must go on. 
In my sorrow, I headed straight for the shops. Since I was in the city anyway I figured I may as well make a day of it!
I need a new top coat and I was thinking yesterday about what colours I would like to buy next. So I was on the look out for a Nude (similar or exactly the same as the one in yesterday’s mani) and a Turquoise (similar to my favourite ever nail colour).

I ended up purchasing FIVE polishes within 30 minutes which is very extravagant for me. Don’t worry about my budget – I dipped into my savings for this spree!

Left to Right:
Barry M – Cyan Blue
Barry M – Mushroom
No7 – Blackberry
NYC – Quick Dry Top Coat (Grand Central Station)
NYC – Prince Street
So I picked up the Barry M Blue in place of the Turquoise I wanted, and the Mushroom instead of the Nude.
I have to tell you about the amazing offers I got on these because I am the biggest bargain hunter around. I always have a browse between Boots and Superdrug to see which store has the best offers or prices on the products that have caught my eye. 
At present the Barry M Polishes are on offer at 2 for £5 in both stores (or £2.95 each). When the price is the same I favour Boots because I get my Advantage Card points in there.
I also noticed that you receive a voucher for £5 off No7 or Ruby and Millie when you spend £5 in store. Since I was going to buy the Barry M’s for that price anyway, I got the voucher, then ran over to the No7 counter to pick out a Nail Polish. So with the money off, the No7 cost me £1.75!!
If you are a fan of No7 Cosmetics anyway, when they have this offer on, ALWAYS buy something for £5 before you get your No7 stuff as you aren’t losing out on anything. I basically got my Barry M’s for nothing.
The NYC polishes were 2 for £3.50 (or £2.49 each) so I got them in there. I think Superdrug is the only official stockist of NYC in the UK along with other brands such as GOSH and M.U.A.
I saw a turquoise/green colour by Rimmel that I loved called Sky High but it was £3.49 – too much for me to spend on one polish. If it goes on offer I may be tempted to buy it but until then I will be looking out for a budget dupe.
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Wow I didn’t realise how much I’d written and I still have so much to tell you all! Plus some tags coming up in the next week. Thank you so, so, SO much to everyone who has tagged me for awards!! I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been rushed off my feet these last few weeks.
I’m off to watch a bit of Mad Men and try out these babies before I go back to bed since I only got 3.5 hours sleep last night 🙁