Thursday, 26 August 2010

Back To My Roots

It's been a few days since I did any stamping since I've had all the Viva La Nails goodies to play around with. I've also been in a but of a plain nails mood recently which has contributed to my lack of Konadding. So here are some stamped nails that I really like. I love the combination of blue and gold anyway, so I used some of the 'Pearls' from my sample package.

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM10 
Base Colour: BYS - Fools Paradise
Stamp Colour: NYC Glossies - 243B
Gold Pearls from Viva La Nails
Top Coat of NYC

To stick the pearls on, I just used a clear nail polish applied in dots with the flat end of a nail stick and I used the sharp end to pick up and position the pearls.

These pearls are really fiddly things which roll and bounce around all over the place. So I poured some out into a creased post-it note. This also makes it much easier to get the unused ones back into the packet because you can just pour them along the crease.



  1. How cute! And it looks so elegant. Really like it :)

  2. I really really love this design. The colors work great together and the hints of gold make them look so regal. Lovely!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the Post It solution! Before I scrolled down I was imagining losing those pearls in my carpet if I tried this.

  4. I love this! Looks very pretty! :) x

  5. This design is so cute! I've been lacking nail art inspiration lately...especially when it comes to konad. =/

  6. omg i swear i love your nail art picts! they are always soo amazing!

  7. Great tip using a folded post-it note. I sometimes use gold bullion which get all over the place.

  8. this is so cool... i also wearing this ip design on my nails now..LOL

  9. It's great!! I love blue and gold too :)

  10. Thanks Thifa!

    Let them have polish. Thanks, I love that word - regal!!

    Karen - No problem. I hoped it would come in useful to someone :D

    Thank you Olivia, Marina and kittypolishnbags :D

    Serena - same here. I've just lost all motivation. I think I need some new plates :D

    Pretty - Thank you SO much!

    Beata - I just looked up gold bullion and that's what these are! They're classified as pearls on the Viva.. website but aren't pearly at all. Thanks for giving me the name :D

    Thriszha - cool! And thanks.

    Thanks Alice!


  11. Gorgeous, really love it, it really shows how you can make short nails look fab!

  12. Just come across your blog today and I LOVE IT! :-)


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