Saturday, 17 July 2010

What's in my drawer?

I follow a few beauty blogs and have seen lots of posts detailing what these bloggers stash in their make-up bags and use everyday. So I bring you... 'What's in my utility drawer?'

I store all my nail related stuff in a small set of plastic drawers and the bottom one is where I keep all the tools of my craft :D

What you see here...
At the back: The small cosmetics bag which holds all of my stamping stuff and some other small bits and bobs.

Front left: Base coats and top coats.
A lot of these go unused because they don't their job properly.

Midlle: The polishes that are too tall to stand up in the drawers!If you look carefully you can see a small pot of diamantes.

Front right: Nail file and buffer. Under the Hidden Tresure is the Scholl Nail Brightening treatment.

If you are interested, please read more. I just don't want to clog up the front page too much.

What's in the bag? 

Stamping Plates and tools
Nail and cuticle treatment
Brushes for clean-up
Cuticle Pusher
Cotton Buds/Q-tips

These are all my plates. I have 10 Konads, 12 Fauxnads and the 21 Bundle Monsters.


Top to bottom:
- Body Shop Almond Oil Nail and Cuticle Treatment
- Brushes that I use to clean up my manicures with acetone
- E.L.F Cuticle Pusher

Stamping tools:
- I use an old student card for scraping
- I have a Konad plate holder mat and stamper. I hardly ever use the mat though - mostly I just lay down a piece of scrap paper
- Nail Clippers


Base Coats

NYC Glossies - 203
Funny story about this one. I bought it assuming it was my favourite ever top coat and continued to use it for a few days. I was disappointed that it wasn't drying my nails fast enough. When I actually read the bottle and realised it was a base coat, I felt more than a little stupid!

Beauty UK Nail Whitening Base Coat
This doesn't actually whiten your nails as I first thought it would. It just makes a good foundation if you are going to apply lighter colours and don't want to see the yellow/orange through!

Top Coats

NYC in a New York Color Minute
Fast drying and doesn't smudge the stamping - my favourite brand for top coats!

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik
Not really a top coat as you still need to apply one to make the manicure last. But this is good if you have had to apply lots of colour coats such as with sheer polishes.


File and Buffer

From the Body Shop. I just noticed today that they match my little bag!

Last but not least

This is not in the drawer, only because it won't fit, but is a very important tool - Acetone.

I only use this for clean-up and neatening-up my manicures and not for all over removal because a) excessive contact is no good for your skin, and b) it's more expensive.

If anyone would like to see some more posts similar to this or has any questions about my technique that weren't answered here, please let me know :D



  1. I love posts like this! It's always interesting to me to see what other people use.

  2. I really like posts like these as it's really interesting how other people store there polish things. I like the 'what's in your bag' things too as it makes me feel better about the pile of rubbish thats always in my handbag :)

  3. Lol, I made that mistake once. I bought this Sally Hansen base coat and accidently mistook it for topcoat. I felt pretty stupid too but atleast I'm not the only one!

  4. I love the NYC in a NY minute topcoat too and have about 3 backups. I use it and INM out the door as my pre-nail art topcoats.

  5. This is awesome, I love to do a post like this but mine wouldn't be that interesting. And I'm SO jealous of all your image plates! I think I only have about six lol

  6. Karen - I'm glad you liked it :D

    Bethanie - I think I'll do a 'what's in your bag' post over at my other blog (thank you for following btw!!) soon.

    Serena - ahaha. I'm glad someone else has done it too!

    ABOP - I know, it's amazing! And such a good price too!

    Meg - I bet it would because your designs are always interesting! I assume you don't have the bundle monster plates then? I have to recommend them to you - it would fill out your collection and they're so much fun and cheap too!



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