Monday, 12 July 2010

Shooting flowers

I had such a good time in London on Saturday. One of the best days of mmy summer so far. I even managed to restrain my polish spending and not buy a single one. It wasn't too hard considering I hardly went in any shops!
I have to share one of my favourite pictures from the day. We drove past Big Ben and I quickly grabbed a snap out of the window of the coach and it turned out so you can see my brother reflected in the window! I love it!
To the nails...

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM03
Base Colour: George @ Asda - 49 Hoax
Plus: One coat of BYS Tinkerbell
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - Garnet
Top Coat of NYC

I also made enchiladas today. Don't they look yummy? I can assure you they were :D



  1. Enchiladas, yum! I am so hungry right now and you just got me craving Mexican food.

    I love your nail design. Do you have any tips on centering konad stamps? I just got Konad today and I did okay but had trouble centering the stamps.

  2. Sorry Serena! Thanks. How exciting is it getting your first Konads?!

    Uuh, not really. I just got it through a lot of practice. I still get it wrong a lot so I tend to just go from the corners or sides like you see here! :D

    But if you put a top coat on and allow it to dry before stamping, it is easy to correct mistakes by gently swiping off the Konad with Nail Polish Remover without taking off too much of the base colour.

    Hope this is some help

  3. OOh i want some now :(

    Your nails are always so amazing and pretty and really sophisticated :)

  4. Love the nails another elegant look :)

    Mexican food is SO yummy! xo

  5. That's such a cool photo, it came out really great ^_^

    I love the nails, the stamp colour you used is so pretty.

  6. Bethanie - thanks, that's a great compliment. I always aim for simple, subtle designs :D

    Marina - thank you. I can't get enough of Mexican. It's the chicken and cheese - two of my favourites.

    Cel - thanks, I'm glad you like the photo. And thank you - unfortunately it's really low. Miss Sporty 203 Zodiac is a very similar colour though, great for stamping and a bargain price.



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