♪♫ Red and Orange, Yellow, GOSH and Blue

Sorry about the late post. I’ve had trouble with my internet connection all day but I finally got it working. Turned out to be as simple as turning the router off and on.. DUH!
This is my new GOSH Holographic. Now I know what you’re thinking… Sammy, whatever happened to your budget?
I’ve been lemming this for a while and yesterday, my darling Mummy was nice enough to buy it for me when she saw it on my nail after I tested it in Superdrug. She is very attracted to shiny stuff and bought one for herself too.
It chips easiliy and application is a bit frustrating but once you get the hang of it it’s fine. You just have to make sure the first coat is dry before the next one else you will just smudge off the coat underneath. It says ‘Special Formula’ on the side and you should buy a special base coat for it. This is probably why. 
The picture doesn’t show how eye catching this is. I will get another one up soon and maybe a video to show you the full holo-ness.
Plate: Bundle Monster – BM05
Base Colour: GOSH – Holographic
Stamp Colour: W7 – Black
Top Coat of NYC
However, I did spend more money on some Collection 2000 polishes that were on sale in Boots. There was a big tub of them reduced to £1 so it was really hard to resist such a bargain
For them to be reduced I assume they are end of line. But I saw the two ‘Maxiflex’ shades after in Superdrug and they were in different packaging – well, the same but with black lids so I guess that’s the reason for the reduction. The one on the left, ‘Moonlight Shine’ is great for stamping too!