My polish budget for the year ahead…

I have decided to set myself a Polish budget from now on. I’m not allowed to spend more than £5 each month on nail polish and I’m going to try to stick to this for at least a year.
Buying polish is my vice these days – whatever shop I go into, even the supermarket, I’m always on the prowl for polish and it’s breaking the bank! Not to mention taking up a lot of space.
Being a jobless student, I just can’t afford to go on the way I am, so I have to stick to this goal. It’s not unobtainable because I’m tight with my money as it is and never really spend more than £2.50 for a polish, so I could realistically buy about two new shades a month.
I have been keeping a record (as of last week) and have so far spent £11.50!! So not the best start, but I’m easing myself into it!
When I think about it, £10 in two weeks adds up to £260 a year!!! 😮 That’s a shock to the system. That’s a month’s rent for me, with some quids left over for the weekends! So… I’m going to write down every polish purchase from now on and hope I have the willpower to cut down my purchasing.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM12
Base Colour: George @ Asda – 60 Twister
Stamp Colour: Miss Sporty – Zodiac
Top Coat of NYC