Saturday, 10 July 2010

My polish budget for the year ahead...

I have decided to set myself a Polish budget from now on. I'm not allowed to spend more than £5 each month on nail polish and I'm going to try to stick to this for at least a year.
Buying polish is my vice these days - whatever shop I go into, even the supermarket, I'm always on the prowl for polish and it's breaking the bank! Not to mention taking up a lot of space.

Being a jobless student, I just can't afford to go on the way I am, so I have to stick to this goal. It's not unobtainable because I'm tight with my money as it is and never really spend more than £2.50 for a polish, so I could realistically buy about two new shades a month.

I have been keeping a record (as of last week) and have so far spent £11.50!! So not the best start, but I'm easing myself into it!
When I think about it, £10 in two weeks adds up to £260 a year!!! :o That's a shock to the system. That's a month's rent for me, with some quids left over for the weekends! So... I'm going to write down every polish purchase from now on and hope I have the willpower to cut down my purchasing.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM12
Base Colour: George @ Asda - 60 Twister
Stamp Colour: Miss Sporty - Zodiac
Top Coat of NYC


  1. Great bundling (or whatever you call not-Konad).
    Yeah, I'm a fiver away from my July limit.
    Good luck with your plan!

  2. It's hard when you can find it EVERYWHERE you go but I commend you for trying to stick to a limit!

  3. Is your topcoat a matte one? I know you are looking for one.... :)

    I am just like you I am on the hunt for polish everywhere I go its insane! :P I almost bought 3 of the new rimmel fruities polishes the other day I really had to hold myself back!

    Good luck with the self restraint :) xo

  4. BTW something is definately up with blogger.....I swear I saw the title of this post MUCH earlier must have wrote it and saved it cos it was coming up on my new posts then I went in to view it and nothing and here it is now! I have noticed this for quite a few people so I wonder if everyone can see all my un published posts!

  5. Oh also I just got a matte top coat thats meant to be good:

    Ill review it when I get back from my holiday xo

  6. I understand you since I've the same problem... I'm I a non buying month (except for a little gift to myself after my next exam).. Good luck!

  7. Thanks jaljen. So you have a limit too? I think it's definitely required for me!!

    Freshie, thanks. I know, it's note even like you can avoid the temptation, you just have tofight it!

    Marina, no this is a matte colour that I got from Asda for £1. Well done on your self restraint and thanks for wishing me luck with mine!
    Don't I think it might be because I sometimes press publish by accident instead of save, or I get it wrong with the scheduling. I've been having busy days recently so have been scheduling posts to pop up at good times.
    That matte top coat looks good and I think that's the best price I've seen. I might have to dip into my christmas money next month and get that one!

    Alice, polishes are always good as rewards after things like that! I did exactly the same after my exams. Good luck in your exams!!


  8. This is a really good idea. When you add it up like that, it is quite worrying as to how much people spend. At least you don't buy mega expensive brands too, so you can get more :) xx

  9. Olivia - Thanks. I know, I was so shocked. I knew that I must be spending a lot on it but you never really realise until you add it up!!
    Yeah, I've always been good at bargain hunting too so I'll be fine :D


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