I Lost my Sally’s Virginity!

I went to Sally’s for the first time today and it was very exciting. They had OPI’s for £9.99 and China Glaze’s for £5.99 which is very expensive for a 15ml bottle of polish but I don’t know if they retail at a similar price in the States.
I was on the lookout for some ASP Nail Whitening Paste which was recommended to me by Beata but it was £5.99 (which I knew before I went but I just wanted to go and see it!) so I ended up leaving without it but I did buy a monster (500ml) bottle of acetone which works out at half the price of buying a 50ml bottle each time in a pharmacy.
I’m trying to grow my nails a teeny bit longer and get them all at the same length but even as I type this, the nail on my ring finger is winding me up! I keep hitting all the wrong keys, especially caps lock instead of the A. I don’t know how all you ladies do anything with such long nails!
Plate: Bundle Monster – BM21
Base Colour: Collection 2000 Hot Looks – Button Moon
Plus: Sally Hansen – Hidden Treasure
Stamp Colour: W7 – Black
Top Coat of NYC