Thursday, 15 July 2010

Feathers with a Franken

This is the 4th franken I have made. I have 6 in total which means I still have 2 to show you! It's very similar to Barry M Berry Ice Cream but has a shimmer to it which you can't even see in this terribly lit photo. Sorry about that guys.

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM15
Base Colour: Franken No. 4
Stamp Colour: Nails Inc. - Paris


  1. I like! Hmmm... You've got me eyeing that feather stamp now... possibilities...

  2. Cute! I like that franken you made. I should try making my own nail colour sometime.

  3. HI! I visited your blog and your creations are gorgeous!!! WOW compliments! <3

  4. Thanks Lily, Lunuland and Eva.

    ABOP - get it out and get stamping! :D

    Serena - I recommend it, it's loads of fun.

    serena_nuvola - Thank you so much. I'm glad you like my blog.



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