Denture Cleanser you say? Sure, why not?

Just a little update on my nail whitening activities…
Olivia over at Olivia Writes… suggested I use denture cleaning tablets. They were £1 for a tube of 30 in Tesco. Here is the before shot, which I remembered to take this time.
All you have to do is put one tablet in a bit of warm water and let it fizz. They are obviously intended to soak Dentures in and it says leave them for 3 minutes. I stuck my hands in for 5 minutes each and gave each nails a little scrub with a toothbrush afterwards. Here are the results.
I don’t think there is as much change as when I used the Lemon Juice but that’s probably because it was the first time I had tried anything so there was a bigger improvement to be had.
A word of advice if you are going to try this though – don’t be tempted to add any lemon juice to the mixture! I thought ‘Why not?’ and just chucked some in but something happened and it fizzed over!
The first, and I’m guessing main, ingredient is Sodium Bicarbonate so obviously that reacted with the acidic lemon juice to create a DIY volcano. Good job I had a towel handy!