De-Yellowing Attempt

After seeing Marina @ Forever The Ugly Duckling’s post in which she showed us the improvement on the colour of her nails with the use of Lemon Juice and Scholl’s Nail Brightening Treatment, I decided to give it a go myself.
I opted to try the lemon juice first, for my purse’s sake, and I’m super surprised at the results already – after only one go!
So, on Monday (5th) I bought a bottle of ‘Lemon Juice from Concentrate’ from Tesco for 50p and a pack of value toothbrushes at two for 10p.
I put a bit of juice in a mug then brushed it on to my nails and left it for a minute. Then started scrubbing.

Now, I was really stoopid and didn’t take a picture before I started but my nails were ORANGE. Starting from the tip and fading to to yellow nearer to the cuticle.
I’m sure it’s likely that anyone who wears nail polish all the time has suffered the same predicament. I have worn nail polish everyday for at least 2 years now.

And here are the results of my little experiment. I would recommend this to anyone as a cheap first try if you want to banish the dreaded orange tinge.

Since then, I saw the Scholl treatment in Home Bargains for £2.99 – the lowest price I’ve seen it anywhere – so I purchased that too and will let you know how it goes.