Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I went to see Inception the other day. Has anyone seen it yet? 
And for those who have seen it, trying not to spoil it for the rest, do you think the totem was going to fall? There's so much speculation all over the internet, I don't really know what to think!

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM11
Base Colour: Glo Baby Glo @ Primark - Yes Cyan!
Plus: One coat of BYS Tinkerbell
Stamp Colour: NYC Glossies - 243B
Top Coat of NYC


  1. Inception was awesome!!
    Here's my thoughts on the totem: Does it really matter, if he got what he wanted in the end? ;)

  2. Your nails are so short, but you pull it off. They are always so pretty.

  3. I love the color and design!! :)

  4. Sarah, no I suppose it doesn't. I think it was real because his kids turned around which he said could never happen in his subconcious.

    MissMidnightBlue - thanks! I find it's more practical that way. :)

    Salisha - Thank you. It's my favourite colour from my collection :D



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