Thursday, 8 July 2010

A bit of babbling - I will forgive you if you don't read this

I will get to the interesting bit before I start babbling so... here are the polishes I bought on Wednesday:

Left to right:
Barry M - Fuschia
George @ Asda - Twister, matte finish
Barry M - Raspberry
Barry M Polishes and Lip Glosses areon offer at 2 for £5 in Boots at the moment.

And here is my current collection of chromes. They are really good for stamping, so I love them loads.
They go in order of acquisition from left to right.

There is a little story behind these.

My Mum gave me my first one (Garnet Chrome) for stamping when it got too thick for her to use. Since that started to run out I have been desperately seeking any I can get my hands on. She bought them as discontinued stock so I knew the search wouldn't be easy.

I bought the second one (Lilac Crystal) from Martian Delights. I was a bit dissapointed because it's pigmented enough for stamping but too runny.

A few days ago, my Mum gave me 'Amber' which is, again, amazing. The day before that, I bought 'Anemone' on eBay for £2.29 and it arrived today.

So if you like stamping and you ever see one of these - nab it!

Now I will babble...

I have a lot of time on my hands at the present. That's the reason for all of these loooong posts - sorry.
I have no job (not out of choice) and no school so I spend my days doing nothing much in particular - but here are some of my favourite bum activities...
  • Playing Playstation (Harry Potter Lego and COD)
  • Shopping (with money I don't have)
  • Watching/catching up on old TV series' (Mad Men, Arresteed Development) because I have used up all the current ones (Grey's, Desperate Housewives, The Mentalist)
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Trips to the Cinema (I can't wait for Inception!)
And of course blogging - but I did that before, when I was productive too, so it doesn't count.
By the by - I got the Results for my first year at University yesterday. Well, not a breakdown, but a pass/fail mark. I got a fail which I knew I would because I failed my 'Priciples Of Business Managent' exam in January. I had to call my tutor to see which modules I hadn't passed and would have to resit and she said it was just that Business exam so I didn't fail any of my summer exams!! I was chuffed to say the least!


  1. Lego harry potter is amazing im on 83% :D (DS version)

    Your asda bottles seem to be different from mine, are they with the cosmetics things or with the clothes ?

  2. Love the polishes. Only one exam isn't bad. Loads of people fail their first year! I have nothing to do with my time either now I've finished school! xx

  3. YAY for new polishes :)

    I really need to try those Chrome polishes as im running out of my actual Konad stamping polishes.....what Chrome one would you say is the absolute best?

    I love going to the cinema too! I have the cineworld unlimited card so I try to go as much as possible :)

    Congrats on passing your summer exams :)


  4. I've been there...blogging was the biggest thing that kept me sane. Congrats on your summer exam pass and good luck on doing what you can (if anything) to make up that fail mark.

  5. Bethanie,
    Haha, I love it but it's my little brother's so my play time is at his dicretion.
    I got this one with the cosmetics but before it's always been on a stand in the clothes section. Are your bottles like this one?

    Thanks for the support. I was convinced I'd fail more than that so I was really happy :D

    Well, it depends what colour you want. I know you have Miss Sporty Zodiac which is very similar to Amethyst. Amber comes out gold and Anemone is a red (watch out for it in my next post). I like amethyst and amber the best.
    But I advise you not to get one that says 'Chrystal Chrome' like the lilac because it's no good for stamping.

    Lacquer ware for tips and toes,
    Thanks, yes blogging is very therapeutic! Hopefully I will pass my resit in August!



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