A bit of babbling – I will forgive you if you don’t read this

I will get to the interesting bit before I start babbling so… here are the polishes I bought on Wednesday:

Left to right:
Barry M – Fuschia
George @ Asda – Twister, matte finish
Barry M – Raspberry
Barry M Polishes and Lip Glosses areon offer at 2 for £5 in Boots at the moment.
And here is my current collection of chromes. They are really good for stamping, so I love them loads.
They go in order of acquisition from left to right.
There is a little story behind these.
My Mum gave me my first one (Garnet Chrome) for stamping when it got too thick for her to use. Since that started to run out I have been desperately seeking any I can get my hands on. She bought them as discontinued stock so I knew the search wouldn’t be easy.
I bought the second one (Lilac Crystal) from Martian Delights. I was a bit dissapointed because it’s pigmented enough for stamping but too runny.
A few days ago, my Mum gave me ‘Amber’ which is, again, amazing. The day before that, I bought ‘Anemone’ on eBay for £2.29 and it arrived today.
So if you like stamping and you ever see one of these – nab it!

Now I will babble…

I have a lot of time on my hands at the present. That’s the reason for all of these loooong posts – sorry.
I have no job (not out of choice) and no school so I spend my days doing nothing much in particular – but here are some of my favourite bum activities…

  • Playing Playstation (Harry Potter Lego and COD)
  • Shopping (with money I don’t have)
  • Watching/catching up on old TV series’ (Mad Men, Arresteed Development) because I have used up all the current ones (Grey’s, Desperate Housewives, The Mentalist)
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Trips to the Cinema (I can’t wait for Inception!)

And of course blogging – but I did that before, when I was productive too, so it doesn’t count.
By the by – I got the Results for my first year at University yesterday. Well, not a breakdown, but a pass/fail mark. I got a fail which I knew I would because I failed my ‘Priciples Of Business Managent’ exam in January. I had to call my tutor to see which modules I hadn’t passed and would have to resit and she said it was just that Business exam so I didn’t fail any of my summer exams!! I was chuffed to say the least!