Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bebé Blue

This is one of my most popular mani's of late. I got complimented by two ladies at the bank who initially thought they were false nails and were very curious about how I did it, and the lady who runs the Hula Hooping Class I went to.
I like this pattern because it's hard to tell which colour has been stamped and which is the base (except on the middle finger where you can see the edges of the stamp!)

Don't you find it hard to explain Konadding to someone who has never seen it before?! I'm always saying something along the lines of... 'Uuuh, it's a metal disc with embossed patterns and a scraper and rubber stamp and you just transfer it over!' or something else equally incomprehensible and long winded. People just look at me blankly and pretend they get it!

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM21
Base Colour: L'Oreal LaquiResist - Bebé
Stamp Colour: BYS - Glittering Purple
Top Coat of NYC


  1. Very pretty! I love how the stamp looks like it's with different shades of purple.

  2. Your explanation sounds better than mine. i was like 'its a metal circle with grooves and you sort of go bleughh'

    That pattern works really well with those colours

  3. I always tell people it is like scrapbooking stamping.. for your nails! this is pretty darn cute.

  4. I wish the BM plates were big enough for my nails, cause that looks cute!

  5. Since I just got into Konad I haven't run in to that problem but I have thought about it. I guess I would just tell them I did it myself using a stamping nail art system called Konad. Then I would tell them it is hard to explain and they should just look up Konad if they are interested!

  6. this looks really nice i love the deisgn. i love your blog, i am now a follower, check out mine and maybe follow me too?


  7. That looks SO awesome! :)
    As for the Konad explanation, I just say it's a really neat nail art stamping system!

  8. Thank you so much everyone.
    I'm definitely gonna use some of these explanations.
    I'm kind of favouring Serena's approach of 'Look it up yourself'!



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