What fruit is this?

I don’t actually think there is a blue fruit. I remember watching a Blue Peter once where they said that we are immediately put off food if it is blue in colour and if you think about it- it’s true. There are hardly any blue foods and definitely not ‘natural’ ones. The only blue food I can think I’ve ever seen is sugary stuff like sweets and icing. Any thoughts?


This is a new colour I picked up at Asda when I went looking for some new storage for my polishes.

It was marked at £1.50 but came out at £1 ($1.45) at the checkout – I love it when that happens.
Plate: BM04
Base Colour: George@ Asda – 49 Hoax

Stamp Colour: NYC Glossies – 243B
Top Coat of NYC

I bought a plastic drawer set to house my collection – there are 4 drawers just the right size for most of my polishes but some of the taller bottles have be laid down. Like Sally Hansen’s and No7’s.
It is just big enough to hold everything and the bottom drawer is dedicated to base/top coats and extra bits and bobs like all my plates, files and brushes etc.

It was about £7 ($10) and no doubt I will be buying another one soon to keep up with my ever-growing stash.