Well this is embarassing…

I’m normally a very organised person but this poll thing has me completely stumped. So, sorry, I feel bad for messing you all around. Anyway, the mani is blue because the last time I checked, before the second poll broke, blue had the most votes.

Plate: BM02
Base Colour: BYS Metallic Blue
Stamp Colour: George@ Asda – No. 35 Frost Bite
Top Coat of NYC

I’ve started stashing goodies for my giveaway. There is no theme – I’m just picking up stuff here and there that I like and think all of you will like. At the moment, there are 11 polishes and some bits and bobs. I’m also going to take a leaf from Carli’s book and ask you what sweets/chocolate/candy you would like to try from the UK. And don’t worry, it will be very well organised!

The giveaway so far: