Tinkerbell? More like TinkerSWELL

I discovered a very interesting effect yesterday when I was painting my nails. I didn’t have time for a konadicure but I didn’t want ‘plain’ nails so I decided to add a coat of BYS Tinkerbell on top of the black polish I was wearing.
Now, this polish looks like creamy pink glitter, and on its own, it is, so I was expecting it to add a very subtle light pink shimmer. But when it was on, it made the black look like a diesel blue with shimmer. And I LOVED IT. So if they have it in stock next time I go to my BYS shop, I will add a bottle to my giveaway.
So here is today’s konadicure. I went with the Tinkerbell again, this time over navy blue – to get a steely blue result.

Konad Plate: BM20
Base Colour: Barbara Daly Make Up – Tattoo
Shimmer: BYS – 38 Tinkerbell

Konad Colour: W7 – Black
Top Coat of NYC