Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Get your vote on!

Now you guys have to vote for which BYS Metallic I will use in tomorrow's Konadicure.
I literally love all the polishes I got from Carli so I need some help deciding which ones to show you first!

Vote on the sidebar ►
I had some trouble with the other poll so I'm going through Blogger. My sincere apologies if you already voted on the other one.
Voting will close at 9.00am (GMT +1) on Friday 18th



  1. Sorry Susie, I had to change the poll. Would be great if you could vote again - Sorry.

    Hehe - 3 seemed to be a very popular choice! x

  2. :) Ok did it on the sidebar. :)

  3. I voted for 2 as its pretty and vibrant! :) xo


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