Fields of Pink

Has anyone had any trouble with their Bundle Monster plates where the design just doesn’t transfer onto the stamp. I know this happens with Konads and you are supposed to lightly file the stamper but I tried that and I think it’s because the designs aren’t engraved ‘deep’ enough into the metal. I’m wondering whether to contact Bundle Monster about it to see if I can get my duds switched.

Plate: Bundle Monster – BM16
Base Colour: BYS – 201 Tickle Me Pink
Plus: One coat of BYS – 38 Tinkerbell
Stamp Colour: BYS – 14 Glamourpuss
Top Coat of NYC

Check it out…
My university was featured on Today’s Big Thing a few days ago. I don’t know how widely known this site is or if any of you know it. I like to check it every few days – some of the videos are really funny.
Anyway, it’s just a quick video of someone interrupting a lecture in a very bizarre way. And it’s the hall where I had all my Maths lectures this year!