Oh, and BTW

I got sooo bored of revision today that I decided, on the spur of the moment, to just visit home.
I knew there were a lot of interesting packages waiting for me and I wanted to take a decent shower (here I have a little wet room with no water pressure, and the whole room gets soaked everytime I use the shower).

So, I went home and picked up:
  • My Bundle Monster Plates,
  • The Sally Hansen Treasure that I won in Karen’s giveaway, and
  • My new haul of 7 polishes from Martian Delights
  • Plus some other bits and bobs – including 6 pairs of earrings that I bought from eBay with an extra 2 pairs free. That was my lovely surprise of the day!

I found Martian Delights when I was searching for some more Sally Hansen Chrome which is amaaazing for stamping but unfortunately discontinued. They have loads of nice polishes at good prices. I think a lot of them are discontinued. I loved buying old, odd polishes – mostly because of the price!

I will provide you with some pictures of my new polishes tomorrow and expect to see lots of BM designs and Hidden Treasure in the coming days 😀