NYC Top Coat

As suggested by KarenD, here is a picture of the New York Color Top Coat (201) I use everyday in case you want to look out for it. I’ve mentioned this top coat before because it’s good for Konadding, as it doesn’t smudge the designs. It also dries really quickly so you can get on with other stuff without worrying too much about messing up your nails.

I think it’s discontinued stock as I bought it in a seconds store, but I’ve seen another NYC Top Coat stocked in Superdrug which I think was this.

As you can see, it’s very cheap, but it works for me.
P.S. If anyone see this stocked in any shops in the UK, please let me know 😀

Look what I just found. Perhaps, it’s not discontinued. Perhaps it’s new. Who knows? Anyway, hope this is handy.