Monday, 31 May 2010

Never Have I Ever...

... used EIGHT COATS to get a polish to look opaque on my nails!!
This is one of my new polishes from Martian Delights and it took at least 8 coats. Oh, and you can still see nail line :(
It's a shame cuz it's a really nice colour too. Hopefully it will thicken up, maybe in a year or two, haha.

Plate: BM14
Base Colour: Maybelline Express Finish - 264 Ocean Blue
Stamp Colour: NYC Glossies - 243B
Cherry On Top: Rimmel Lasting Finish - 61 Exoctica
Top Coat of NYC


  1. I almost did the cupcake one. :) Looks great but 8 coats???????? OUCH.

  2. OMG I hate having to apply coat after coat, 2 coats is enough, 3 at the most :)

    I did my Models own post today, so far its a brand worth buying :)


  3. Wow, 8 coats! Hmm, the cupcakes looks yummy :)

  4. Susie, Thanks. I was craving cake at the time so I thought it was applicable :D

    Marina, I know, it was so frustrating but I really wanted to see what it would look like.

    rmcandlelight, I know, all this talk of cake is making me hungry!

  5. No way 8 coats!!! No way!!! I wouldn't do it. LOL
    I heard if you use a nude color first then maybe do 2 coats of the color that it works out better for really sheer polishes.

    Love the cupcake :)

  6. Hiya, me again, I had a thought, You said you need more pastels and I have a few pastels I dont use I thought I could send them to you?

    I don't expect anything sent to me in return I just thought its better someone gets some use out of them!

    My email address is

    M xo

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys.
    I will try that next time, Dionela.

    And, Marina - that's soo sweet. I've emailed you.

  8. So cute, and you're making me finally "see" some of the fab BM designs.

  9. this one looks really cute! love the cupcakes! ^_^

  10. Hi there,

    I found that if you leave the bottle open for hours/days depending on the consistency it thickens up quite quickly. I wrap the brush in tin foil to stop it drying out as well.


  11. So, it's been two years...has it thickened? :P


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