My Delights

So – here is my post haul from home.
Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
I was wearing this all night and most of the day. I loooove it. Thank you so much Karen 😀
(Base Colour: L’Oreal Jet Set – 225, Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome – 04 Garnet, Plate: BM09)
Bundle Monster Plates
Really pleased with the designs on these. The all over designs are really small which is annoying. But so are the tip designs which might actually be better for my baby nails.
Martian Delights Spree
Some of these polishes are really thin which, I suppose, is what you risk when you buy cheap, old polishes. I will never learn
I tried using the Chrystal Chrome for stamping with my new BM plates. It was so thin it was practically squirting out of the plates when I was pushing the stamper to it – if you know what I mean?!

  • Beautiful…HT makes everything nice 🙂

  • Man, I am STILL trying to get my hands on that HT Sally's color!

  • So glad to see it arrived safely!

  • rmcandlelight, I know – it's sooo stunning.

    Bunny Masseuse, I was so lucky to win it in a giveaway from America – I have never seen it in stores here in the UK. Keep searching, you will find it one day!

    Karen, thank you so much – I'm still on a buzz from winning!

  • Anonymous

    Nice haul 😀
    Just wondering, where did you buy your BM plates from? =P Gonna get myself some xD

    And mind selling the seller of the earrings on ebay?

    Thanks ^_^

  • Thanks, Anonymous. The Bundle Monster plates are from

    The seller of the earrings was 'binaldesai'. Here is his shop. I just bought some plain ball studs.

    Hope this helps x