INCredible Offers

If you live in the UK, I know of a few amazing Nails Inc. offers.

In Boots you just have to buy any two Diet Cokes (£2.36) and you get a free limited edition Nails Inc polish. There are 4 city-themed colours to choose from – Milan (Red), New-York (Fuschia Pink), London (Nude) and Paris (Purply Pink).
I would have had London but they were all out when I was there, so I came away with Paris.

I also bought Barry M Berry Ice Cream

You can also buy InStyle magazine for £3.60 with a choice of 3 colours – Mink (Grey/Beige), Beach (Coral) and Candy (Lilac). I saw this in the supermarket yesterday but they only had Beach left and I didn’t like it. I’m definitely gonna keep my eye open for Mink though!

There is also a ‘20% off Nails Inc Online’ offer on the InStyle Magazine website, here.

It has to make you wonder why Nails Inc are so desperate to flog off all of these polishes when they charge £10.50 a bottle in store.
I now have 3 Nails Inc polishes and I got them all for free. They are pretty good but nothing special so I’d rather stick to cheaper brands and get more colours for the same price.

  • I have heard about this incredible offer – thank goodness for blogging friends who live in the UK!! Yeah for you!!

  • I agree, I only get Nails Inc when they are freebies or when they do those large gift packs where they work out about £4 each. They are lovely but I would not pay £10.50 for one.
    I can't find the Mink or London either, but I did get the Candy one.

  • Audrey, thanks. I was pretty chuffed at these offers 😀

    BabyD, I would definitely go for candy and mink. Although I had the opportunity to get mink today and £3.60 seemed like a stretch when I know I can get one in boots for £2.36!!

  • I got all the diet coke ones apart from london. I went in on i think the first day of the offer and only got paris. Then when i went in a couple of days later ALL the london ones were gone in all 3 of the boots in my city

  • Wow. Looks like it was a popular one then, or they just didn't stock many.
    I tried the main one in my city 5 days later and they still didn't have any. 🙁
    I love your commitment to the cause! Checking all the stores, that's dedication! x