Franken No.2

Okay, it’s gonna be a long post today.

Firstly, I have to thank Susies1955, Audrey and anyone else who’s shared this blog. I loved logging on this morning to find 5 followers up from 1! And the number is rising every hour. If anyone else wants to spread some love and share my blog, I would loove it.

Secondly, my second Franken. I am falling in love with making frankens. My collection of polish is so large now (75 at the last count) that it’s good to use some of the older ones making new ones. My own little recycling plant 😀

It is a shimmery light pink made from four existing polishes – white, shimmery pink, shimmery red and hot pink which you can see in the picture below.

And here is the polish on…
Konad Plate: M57

Base Colour: Franken
Konad Colour:  BYS – 199 Purple Rain
Top Coat of NYC

The Silverfish
Finally, the bug I found in my room! It’s no secret among us students that the university halls where I live have a Silverfish infestation but I have been lucky enough not to seea single one in my room between September and now. But last Wednesday (28th) I spotted one on my noticeboard!!
If you’ve never seen a silverfish, they look just like earwigs. I’m not a bug fan but I’m not terrified of them so I can get close but never touch them directly. Blurgh. And this was the fastest bug I’ve ever seen in my life. I tried to get it on a piece of paper and out the window but it practically flew away. It really creeped me out.
Click on the picture for an uncensored version. If you think you can handle it 😀