Examinations and their Procrastinations

Sorry guys, but due to it being exam period at the moment, I haven’t had time to do a Konadicure for your musings today. I have had my head in books and lecture notes for the past two days, attempting to buff up on the basics of economics but I still feel pretty doooomed to fail 🙁

Anyway, during one of my frequent procrastination breaks, I read around a few blogs including Susie’s Home and Hobbies. Her latest post was a really pretty Fauxnad design and I decided to buy the bundle of Fauxnad plates that she uses from Bundle Monster at Amazon.com.

Since I am in the UK, it was $4.00 (£2.60) for shipping. I’m so excited to get these and hopefully by the time they arrive, I will be free from exams and free to Konadicure to my heart’s content!