BYS Haul

I love BYS nail polishes, as you might have deduced from my constant use of them!
They sell the range of make-up in a small clothes shop called QS for the bargain price of £2.50 each and they are factually amazing. I haven’t seen them on sale anywhere else but if you’ve seen them, please let me know. There are so many colours to chose from and they go on smooth and wear for a long time.
So.. when I visited QS on the weekend and saw that all BYS make up was on offer at 3 for £5, how could I resist. And with my 20% student discount, I got them for £4!Definitely my bargain of the week. I like these colours so much that I thought I would show you…
They are…
Left: 108 Metallic Fuschia
I wouldn’t call this metallic, just very shimmery. It’s a nice warm pink, without being too ‘in your face’ like some hot/neon pinks.
Centre: 137 Pink On The Brink
A mix of pink and silver glitter in clear polish.
Right: 09 Flirty Sparkle
A reddy pink polish with tiny pieces of silver glitter. Nightmare to remove but worth it.

  • BYS is an Aussie brand 😉 Their website is and retails for $3.95 AUD so about 1.60 GBP…??? If you are ever up for a swap, lemme know as there are some nice Gosh polishes that we cant buy here in Oz!

  • Wow that's a good price, but I saw that you have to pay so much more for other brands! Okay, will do. Thanks Carli. x