Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Black and the Beanstalk

Using one of my new (old) Collection 2000 polishes today. I bought these on the weekend in a bargain store at 6 for £1! Bargain!

All I will say is they are very old and either they are just made thin or something has been put in them to thin them out and it separates when they are sat in the box so they need a lot of shaking and are no good for stamping like lots of the old, thickened polishes I pick up for cheap!

Plate: Fauxnad M54
Base Colour: Collection 2000 - 198
Fauxnad and Tip Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

1 comment :

  1. 6 for £1--wow!

    A lot of the old Maybellines and Sally Hansens I've gotten in our Dollar Tree stores are thin, too.


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